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Once upon a December

I was 17 when I had my first romantic engagement with a fluffy comforter. I was in Iowa where it snows, back home in India a dohar was my blanket. I was doing my sophomore year in school, my morning alarm was Semi-charmed kind of life, I would sleep so good, the better you sleep the fresher you wake up., this I know. Cuddling and rolling in my blanket, my house on the golf course with hamsters and rabbits popping out of the ball holes.... everything was luxury defined.

When I returned home I continued education finished my 12th, having an Ivy league kind of mind I still chose to do Arts. After I joined SNDT over an Apparel Manufacture & Design course (AMD). the faculty was top. I learnt a lot on textile starting with warp & weft making me technically sound as though I knew this bit is going to come handy.

In 2005 Kiaana was born my bed, bath & home venture in the Indian space. A huge coincidence! I never planned on working with textile, I just happened to meet one of the largest factories in China that manufactures bedding and I fell so in love with their products I had to bring these products to India of course also very large heartedly wanting that American comforter in my bed and in the bed of my Indian customers. Back then there was no category in retail of comforters Kiaana was the one to launch this which turned in a massive momentum with all brands following tow. We did OEM work for some of them and this category caught on rage.

I just love what I do. Now with Kiaana transcending its identity to a Sourcing Company it gives me the opportunity to source :) ! I love to source and I am damn good at it. Plus I know the Indian market inside out. Looking for to meeting current brands and offering insane amounts of ideas and options to them. India home textile retail is far from matured a lotttttttt more needs to be done. And with Ikea in India it changes things a bit.

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